The Models We Offer

Mini Mobile Mansions is committed to building our “mini mansions” with the customer’s needs and wants in mind. That said, we offer a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to each model. From The Towgate model specifically built with the tailgating experience in mind to The Abode model, which features a practical, multi-purpose design. Choose the model that best fits you and we can help make your “Mini Mobile Mansion” dream come true. We will walk with you every step of the way from dreaming up your “mini” to driving it out on the road for the first time.

Mini Mobile Mansions Model Options

The Abode
The Abode20 ft x 8.5 ft 215 square feet total
The Abode is a solid multipurpose “mini” with a functional design. It has ample living space on the first level and two separate sleeping areas – a separate bedroom and an elevated sleeping loft.
The Haven
The Haven20 ft x 8.5 ft 250 square feet
The Haven is one of our most spacious mini mansions, with 250 square feet combining a comfortable living space with dual elevated sleeping spaces. It is one of the largest minis you will find anywhere.
The Shanty
The Shanty20 ft x 8.5 ft 205 square feet
The Shanty offers rustic relaxation in a cozy design. Its oversized windows let natural light fill in the interior, making it the perfect “mini” to experience nature. It’s that comfortable cabin in the woods made mobile.
The Towgate
The Towgate20 ft x 8.5 ft 205 square feet
The Towgate is the ultimate “mini” for your tailgate needs and more! It comes complete with a large screen TV mounted to the side, an exterior grill and an interior that will impress your friends no matter who they’re pulling for on gameday. It’s perfect for that campout on campus!
The Hunter's Habitat
The Hunter's Habitat12 ft x 8.5 ft 142 square feet
The Hunter’s Habitat, our smallest “mini mansion”, is also the one with the most specific purpose and streamlined design. It is the perfect partner for hunting trips, giving a place to rest and recover between hunts. The Habitat brings the comforts of home to the heart of the woods.
The Pioneer
The Pioneer20 ft x 8.5 ft 190 square feet
The original model for Mini Mobile Mansions, The Pioneer has been a versatile and valuable asset for us. This particular “mini” has crisscrossed the United States, logging thousands of miles and allowing us to travel with comfort and efficiency.