“The Hunter’s Habitat”

Hunters Habitat is one of the only of its kind. It was inspired to provide hunters or outdoorsman/woman a fully self-contained mobile lodge. It is designed for full off-grid capabilities and for any off road or hunting locations. Our renderings don’t depict how custom these can become. We can install most anything to meet a specific purpose. Cleaning station, outdoor grill/smoker, collapsible hunting stands and much more. It can even be designed to hunt from inside the unit without having to face the elements. We also have a toy hauler option as well. This model still provides everything necessary after the day’s activities. Kitchen, bathroom, shower, sleeping loft and 2 custom built-in couches with storage. Couches convert to beds. The model shown sleeps 4. It can be used for any outdoor/hunting need one weekend and take it for a weekend getaway the next. Multipurpose and multifunctional.

Total Area: 142 square feet with loft       Sleeps: 4

Click the image above to see a larger version. To view a PDF, please click here.

Cedar Clapboard: cedar is lightweight,bug resistant,holds up well in any climate and has superior durability under the restrain of the elements

Board and Batten: vertical application, great contrast of design, suitable for exposure to all weather conditions

Grooved Vertical Panels: textured face, suitable for exposure to all weather conditions

SmartSide Treated Aspen Wood Siding: distinctive cedar pattern,withstands impacts from things like baseballs, rocks from a lawnmower and weather concerns such as hail and strong winds, shown to withstand extreme heat,cold, humid and rainy climates Protected against rot and termite by LP’s proprietary smart guard, lightweight

*Corrugated Metal Panels: lightweight,superior strength and durability, able to withstand all weather conditions and exposure

*All exterior wood finishes are stainable and paintable up to 2 colors of your choice, each additional color will be $150 per color

*Additional exterior finishes can be considered based on customers request. Charges may apply.

Porch and Coverings

  • Complete porch can be installed to some of our qualifying models. Our design team will allow you to consider handrails with spindles or without. Turned or square posts with an overhang.
  • All models can have an awning or covering installed. Type of covering and awning will be considered based on model.
  • Sizes will depend on the design or model Charges will apply accordingly


  • Folding/Self Storing with anti slip safety strips for added traction.
  • Made of heavy steel for durability and safety.
  • Installed directly onto each model and collapsible for traveling.
  • All models come standard with a light next to the entry door.
  • Additional lights can be added in places that the customer might feel appropriate to illuminate dark areas.
  • Motion lights, maintenance light located by tongue storage area. Electric and solar options.
  • $200 per light with installation
Ample windows in each model will provide each room with natural light transfer to allow that outside-in airy feel.

  • Sliding and Single hung vinyl double pane annealed or double strength egress windows
  • Advanced low E energy saving glass
  • Argon gas for added energy efficiency
  • Maintenance free
  • Energy star qualified for All zones
  • Clear or Grids optional
  • Screens included
  • Dimensions will vary based on model design or customization
  • Additional qualifying windows are available in casement and awning styles as well as, skylights with an upgrade
  • White and Beige will be our colors of choice. Other color selections are available.
  • Additional windows, configurations, styles or colors will have charges accordingly
We realize a door is an important selection for the fact it is the first and last voice you and your guests will experience when entering and exiting your Mini. This is why we are allowing three different types of doors for selecting

  • Wood
  • Steel
  • Fiberglass
  • Solid raised panel, Half or Full lite styles only
  • Door will be finished to the color of your choice with a classy hardware package, providing your Mini with security and durability. Hardware will be brushed nickel or bronze finish unless other finishes are preferred.
  • Additional charges may apply if door style chosen is different than our standards.
  • Corrugated metal roof
  • Capable of withstanding high winds, traveling speeds and all other weather conditions
  • Variety of colors available
All of our interior finishings will provide each model with the attention it needs to create your own unique and very custom design. Not only will you be pleased with the craftsmanship but it will be functional. We use every opportunity to utilize all the space with creative solutions to personalize each our custom Mini’s

  • Pine Tongue and Groove: provides a natural and rustic feel
  • Knotty Barnside Panel: gives a textured, real barnwood replication
  • Smooth Wood Panels: gives a clean,smooth appearance
  • Beaded Panels: beaded look adds a vertical appearance and gives a cottage or beach like feel in any setting
  • Brick Panels: Lightweight. This product will give a real brick appearance
  • Other interior wall material can be considered based on customers request. Charges may apply
  • We will allow 2 of the products listed to be installed if you want the variation in textures and appearance.
  • All interior walls will come unfinished with a natural beauty.
  • Painting or staining interior will be an additional $1,500
  • Rubber Interlocking Tiles: recycled rubber at 1/2″ in thickness, virtually indestructible helps insulate floors, absorbs vibration, reduces noise and stain resistant
  • Cork: environmentally friendly product, it looks amazing and is very resilient. lightweight
  • Bamboo: environmentally friendly product, very durable,quality and all natural product
  • Engineered Hardwood: versatile, more stable than solid wood. The cross directional layup counteracts the natural tendency of wood to expand and contract with seasonal changes in temps and humidity, making this product a better option than solid products
  • Other flooring products can be considered based on customers request. Charges may apply.
Our models will have a tasteful eye in the placement and hand-picked fixtures to compliment your personality.

  • 2 wall sconces in great room
  • Overhead lighting in the kitchen
  • Swing arm wall mounted lamp for sleeping lofts and bedrooms
  • 24″-28″ ceiling fan for circulation
  • Light/fan combo in bathroom
  • All lighting fixtures will come standard with LED bulbs for optimal energy efficiency and longevity
  • Butcher Block: Gives a warmth to add to the other spaces in your Mini with the open plans. It’s a very versatile and flexible option allowing each countertop to be stained to any color or staying natural. Its wood grains add depth beauty, most environmentally friendly countertop.
  • Laminate: gives many options to choose from. Mimics almost any look, from granite to marble or wood to metal. Durable and low-maintenance, resists stains and heat, lightweight.
  • Other options can be considered based on customer’s requests.  Charges may apply
  • Stainless Steel
  • Single Bowl with faucet and sprayer
  • Farmers Sinks, composite and other options available.
  • Charges will apply.
  • All of our Mini’s will come standard with 2 burner propane cooktop and convection microwave. Convection microwave will allow to bake without the need for a full size oven.
  • Electric 2 burner models are also available upon request
  • Propane/Electric range and oven models are also available with the upgrade. These models will include a range hood for necessary ventilation.
  • All models are energy efficient refrigerator/freezer combinations units.
  • Electric stainless steel or black 4.5 cu.ft.
  • Electric stainless steel or black 4.0 cu.ft. Under cabinet model
  • Upgrade to larger units are available
  • All of our kitchens are carefully designed to try to utilize as much storage as possible, giving you a fully functional space for prepping, cooking and organization.
  • Full size oak cabinets with brushed nickel or bronze hardware
  • Upper shelving and/or upper cabinets depending on the model design
  • Cabinets can be stained or painted to the color of choice as a standard inclusion
  • Our design team has carefully considered this space to include off grid capabilities, water conservation but remaining fully functional for any demand and multi person use.
  • 32″x32″ Fiberglass full shower with shower head
  • Hand sink with faucet
  • Mounted medicine cabinet with mirror
  • Light/fan combo for ventilation
  • Composting toilet which self contained, odorless and requires no water
  • Low flush RV toilets can be considered based on the need of a customer


  • Our models vary with sleeping options in order to accommodate singles, couples, families and guests.
  • Sleeping loft is standard in every model (fitting queen size bed, bed not included)
  • All models have a couch conversion for sleeping
  • Some models have a combination of the standard sleeping loft with a main level bedroom
  • Some models include 2 sleeping lofts
  • All models come with a ladder for loft access
  • Stairs or stairs with storage can also be an option with an upgrade

Storage Options

  • Vary depending on the model
  • Storage under all custom couches
  • Loft storage
  • Storage under main level bedroom bed
  • Other innovative ideas are available to meet any needs or wants.
  • All additional storage options will be an upgrade
Our Mini’s are designed to use the least amount of energy as possible, enabling each model to be compatible for traveling, off grid or permanent hook up. Making it very user friendly and safe but not compromising the need to live a comfortable life with all the components of a real house. For all levels of use. Weekend getaway, transitional living, permanent living and everything in between.

  • All of our Mini’s come standard as a 30Amp hookup
  • Mini split A/C and heater with dehumidification at 9,000 btu’s
  • 30 Amp 25 ft cord
  • 30 Amp power inlet
  • 50 Amp conversions available with upgrade
  • other electrical options for full off grid are available.  Charges will apply


  • On-demand tankless hot water heater
  • Pex water lines: flexible, reliable and secure for travel
  • Water tank, FDA approved for fresh drinking water storage or shower use
  • Flojet water pump
  • Hook up for grey water discharge
  • Water hook up
  • Other options available depending on customization.  Charges will apply

  • We have designed our Mini’s to include safeguards for your protection and peace of mind
  • Carbon monoxide and propane detector alarm
  • Smoke detector -fire extinguisher
  • All Mini’s are built to strict specifications to ensure your and other safety.
  • We insist to comply with all guidelines in electrical, plumbing, heating and fire safety, as well as, securing every structure to our custom trailers.
  • Required inspections for each phase to ensure a sound, quality and safe product.
  • Guarantee original appliance and material warranties


  • All of models available are towable with a truck or SUV that have a towing package
  • Our Mini’s can range in weight between 5,000-8,000 lbs. dry weight depending on size of the unit. Average weight for a 18′-20′ model is 7,000 lbs
  • Customers are responsible for determining if vehicle is capable of towing
  • Delivery Available anywhere in the United States Fees will be calculated based on length and weight From $2.00 per mile to $3.00 per mile Setup included

Are you interested in learning more about this model? Get in touch with us and we will help you get your Mini Mobile Mansion underway!