Meet the Richard Family

Kenny & Julianne Richard
Kenny & Julianne RichardFounder and Owner Mini Mobile Mansions

The Mini Mobile Mansions Story

In 2008, when the idea of a Tiny House on Wheels was but a whisper and well before the actual Tiny House Movement began, what seemed to be a divine download occurred in Kenny’s heart. It wasn’t planned for or even sought after. Although we had never heard of or seen a Tiny House on Wheels, we did however have plenty of years of experience in the home building industry. Crazy as it may have seemed, plans were made and work began on our first model, The Pioneer. For the last 5+ years we’ve had the privilege of taking The Pioneer on many trips across the country. During this time we’ve gathered our own real life experiences, as well as been afforded the opportunity to hear countless stories from others during their own traveling experiences. Because of this, we are able to provide to you, Real Life and Real Experiences. Something most other Tiny House Companies can’t provide. We’ve learned the Tiny House Movement should be more than just downsizing. Although we whole heartedly embrace the idea of downsizing your personal home and living with the mindset of “Less House More Home”, we are far more than that. Mini Mobile Mansions is Multi-Functional and Multi-Purpose. Small Spaces with a Big Mobile Impact! Designed to fit Your needs, Your desires. You choose the options. Your time is now! The Tiny House Movement is sweeping this nation. There could not be a better time to be launching our own Mini Mobile Mansion Movement. Thanks for taking the time to read our story. Now you can start your own exciting movement by clicking on our different model options and create your own personal Mini Mobile story! Big Options in a Tiny Mobile World!



“Real Life. Real Experiences. Something most other tiny house companies can’t provide.”

Kenny Richard, Mini Mobile Mansions, 2015